Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miss Movember 2010

I had nose surgery on Monday and everyone says my bandages look like a mustache.
I am definitely feeling better today. Monday was pretty rough, throwing up everytime I moved. The pain surprisingly isn't bad at all, nothing T3's can't handle. The one thing that sucks is everytime I eat or dring something blood shoots out of my nose. But the worst part is that I can't pick up Karter for two weeks. He is NOT impressed with this. I feel really bad for him but we are adjusting. I will be happy when these two weeks are over!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Smoking Update

One month smoke free!! Super pumped about this. I stopped taking my pills almost two weeks ago. The cravings have definitely increased - but I remain focused. Along with the increased cravings comes the increased bitchyness/temper!! So I have been trying to resolve this issue especially after a little incident with my cat. It was a Sunday morning and I had made Karter a nice breakfast. I placed it on the table and turned to get Karter in his chair. As I turned around the cat was high tailing it for Karters food. In a state of temperment I picked up the cat and with a couple shakes and a stern voice yelled "Ryder (shake) get (shake) off (shake) the (shake) table (double shake). I then looked over at Karter - his eyes are huge and his mouth is slightly open from the shock and he quietly whispers "Down", which is usually what we tell the cat when she is on the table. I took the cat and placed her in the bathroom, came back to the table and explained "Karter - mommy's behaviour is unacceptable and she deserves a time out".

I guess I was a bit concerned bc Karter is so impressionable and that behaviour is really not right. I am pleased that Karter has not copied my behavior and he just yells "DOWN" at the cat and does not try shaking her.

P.S. No cats were injured.