Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trip to Lloyd

This trip brought new challenges. First of all, it was the first time I travelled with Karter by myself. He did amazing, he even slept the whole way home!!

Second, we were staying in a hotel. I was concerned about this as we have worked so hard for Karter to put himself to sleep and was not sure how that would go in a foreign room and with me in it. Well, Karter HATED the crib. I did not blame him, it looked like he was in a jail cell. The first night did not go so well, but by the second night he only cried for 15 minutes!! The next issue surrounding this, what was I going to do once Karter was asleep. Well, I brought my headphones and worked on my professional hours on the computer.

Third, Mark was working nights so that meant we needed to make sure he had a decent sleep during the day. Mark did not mind us being in the hotel room when he was sleeping, but we all know how loud babies can be. So I made it a point to venture out for four or five hours a day. The hotel had a pool, which Karter loved! We also hit up the mall and Walmart. Everywhere we went Karter made new friends. I had people offering to babysit him, one lady wanted to be his grandma, and another wanted to take him home. My boy is becoming such a social butterfly. The one day I fed him in the mall and he smiled at every person who walked by. It was so cute!!

The highlight of the trip was a visit to Mark's rig. It was so nice to get the visual of how things work. I definitely have a new appreciation for my boyfriend and his job. Not going to lie, the rig is a bit intimidating. Very loud and dangerous!!

So, all in all it was a great trip. I am so proud of Karter, he was a true joy to be around and adapted very well.

The only downfall to the trip was arriving home without Mark. I can't express how much I truly miss and love him. I can't wait for him to come home!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Daycare Update

We met with two daycares yesterday. The first one we really like the ladies running it, but the daycare is run out of a duplex and is very small. I also did not like the location and that they are just starting the daycare.

The second interview went well, she has ten years experience and a lovely home. Only concern is that she is having a baby in a month!! She did mention her husband is going to be taking minimum four months off to help her out, but I am still a bit uneasy about that situation.

Carmen has given me hope and hooked me up with a lady in Arbor Creek. Perfect location, perfect hours, and she seems very nice. She just has to inquire with one of the moms about an infants hours then get back to me. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be space for Karter. Thanks again Carmen!!

Today I counted how many daycares I have contacted since I started this process. A total of 55!! Is that not crazy!! Hopefully the end is near and I find a perfect "home away from home" for my sweet little man.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Ugh. The thought of sending my sweet Karter off to daycare makes me sick. I am such an overprotective mom and am really struggling with finding the right daycare for him. My plan is to start daycare beginning of January so I can transition him and ME before I go back to work in February. I have been searching for months now, mainly on Kijiji. Which has been quite disappointing. A lot of the ads posted are filled with spelling mistakes. Do you really think I am going to send my child to a place where the caregiver can't even spell a simple sentence correctly. Am I really suppose to trust you to take care of my pride and joy!!

So, we have a couple interviews set up for next week. The homes seem promising, and my mommy instinct will definitely be out. I think I will be excited for Karter to go to daycare once I find that special place for him. I believe he will learn so much and make great little friends. I also think the daycare will be lucky to take Karter. He is so much fun to be around and loves to smile and laugh.

I will keep you all posted on how the interviews go.